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Activities of Nemoforum are focused on four main topics agreed by the member organisations:
  • National Geoinformation Infrastructure
  • Spatial Identification in Basic Public Registers
  • Cadastre of Real Estates
  • Support of Land Market
Seminars and professional discussions on the important topics according to the suggestions of the member institutions represents a substantial part of Nemoforum activities. The seminars, usually held in Czech, are considered to be very useful for raising awareness on GI and real estates issues, providing space for discussion and exchanging of experience and knowledge.
Conferences Nemoforum promotes its ideas and activities also by participation at the conferences and professional events organised by other subjects on national or international levels.
Conference Five years of Nemoforum was a special event held in Prague on 25thNovember 2004 on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Nemoforum. More than 80 participants including the quests from the Netherlands Kadaster and Ravi, UK and Slovakia took part in the conference programme. It started with the speech-notes of the Minister of Informatics of the CR and the President of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre. The presentations summarised the developments of Nemoforum, presented the experience from abroad, achievements in the main topics of Nemoforum and the way forward.
10 years of Nemoforum – the information about the foundation, aims, members and activities of Nemoforum is summarized in the brochure "10 years of Nemoforum" (in PDF format) issued in October 2009 on occasion of Nemoforum anniversary.
Professional studies Nemoforum aims to support the execution of projects connected with the main topics of Nemoforum, e.g. by carrying out professional studies using the support of external financial resources.

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