Forms in the Surveying and Real Estate Cadastre Branch

Forms in the surveying and real estate cadastre branch enable easier communication of the public with the public administration in the area of real estate cadastre and serve for unification of application submissions to the branch offices. They simplify the work of both citizens and employees of individual offices in the branch.  Most forms are being step-by step transformed into editable .pdf format that is more convenient for their filling in. To create the entry proposal we recommend using of the interactive application , which significantly simplifies the process of filling in the entry proposal. All available forms are optional except for the entry proposal form, which is obligatory in accordance with the § 66 art. 1 of the Act Nr.256/2013 Coll., on the Real Estate Cadastre and Decree Nr.359/2013 Coll., on the Determination of the template form for proposal submission regarding start of proceeding for entry permission.