Information about Electronic Submission

Using of electronic signature and related services is governed by the Act Nr.297/2016 Coll., On services creating confidence for electronic transactions, currently regulating the inspection of duties prescribed by this Act and sanctions for their violations.

In accordance with § 2 of Decree Nr. 259/2012 Coll., On details of the performance of records management, as amended, the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre publishes following information:

Addresses for electronic submission are here.

Submitted message can be processed the next day at the earliest because of the inspection duty of invalid certificates. Delivered post is collected at least twice a working day.

Technical parameters of accepted data messages
Allowed format of data messages is PDF (version 1.4 and higher), RTF, TXT, DOC, XLS, DOCX and XLSX.

To eliminate possible difficulties with delivery of PDF data files we recommend not using diacritics in the name of the file. Every single document is transferred as just one file and it is therefore impossible to divide one document into more files or to connect more documents into one file.

The size of transferred documents is limited to 150 kB per page; f.i. size of the 20page document can reach maximum of 3 MB. These parameters do not apply for documents created by authorized conversion according to the Act Nr. 300/2008 Coll., about electronic acts and authorized conversion of documents.

Permitted size of accepted mails is limited to 5 MB. Attached files reaching in total maximum 5 MB per one submission can be sent via electronic mail to the filling office of respective office; in case the document is over this limit it is necessary to hand it over on the technical data carrier (it is possible to end it by post service).

The document (not being a copy) must be created from the input documents (f.i. MS Word), not as a graphic picture (nor graphic editor or scanned copy of the document is allowed). Excepted are the documents created based on the authorized conversion according to the Act Nr. 300/2008 Coll., about Electronic Acts and Authorized Conversion of Documents – these documents are always the scanned copy of the document. The documents having been created via authorized conversion must be in the format PDF 1.7 or higher version.

Documents in the MS Word (.doc) and MS Excel (.xls) format must be in the version MSOffice 2000-2007 and use of macro mode is in them forbidden.

JPG and GIF formats can be used as the annexes tot the text documents. All standardized parameters of these formats are accepted (number of colours, compression).

While submission in the form of data message delivered to the address of electronic filling office this submission must be added as annex to the eMail, must be originally created in the electronic form (it is not allowed to add the scan of the document) and must be signed with the recognized electronic signature.

Following forms are not admitted:

  • Data message is a part of the eMail, which is then signed as a whole with the recognized electronic signature (eMail format does not allowed long-lasting storing of data messages).
  • Data message is a part of the eMail annex, only eMail is signed with the recognized electronic signature not the annex itself (electronic signature on the “cover” - eMail itself - of the data message cannot be applied on the input document).
  • Data message is a part of eMail annex, the annex was created originally in the paper form and equipped with necessary requirements and then scanned and signed with the guaranteed electronic signature (in such case the authorized conversion of the data message is necessary).
Overview of technical data carriers acceptable for delivery of electronic documents to the office
Following technical carriers for delivery of electronic submission via post or personally are acceptable: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, USB flash disk.

Handling data messages containing the harmful code
Data message being indicated as harmful is not processed.

Consequences of delivery of incomplete or damaged document
In case the delivered document is incomplete or damaged in such a way that its content is both unidentifiable and the sender cannot be specified, the document is considered undeliverable. In case the content of the delivered document cannot be identified but the sender and his contact data are known, the filling officer reports the discovered defect to the sender and states the further procedure for its elimination with regard to the defect type. If the office in cooperation with the sender is unsuccessful in defect elimination, the document is not processed.

Other communication possibilities
The submission can be sent in electronic form to the address of the filling office without electronic signature or via fax as well solely under following condition: the submission is within 5 days completed with oral submission into the record or with written submission in the paper form or with the written submission in electronic form signed with recognized electronic signature or marked with electronic mark.