Mission and Aims

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On the basis of co-operation of public institutions, professional (private) institutions as well as an academic sector Nemoforum will contribute to the development of a functional e-government in the Czech Republic with the aim to establish a quick and simple communication in the field of land- and real estate information between public administration and citizens. Nemoforum will help to promote solutions for various connected issues in line with European and other world developments in order to meet the needs of users, producers and administrators of the data.


Nemoforum has adopted the following aims in order to fulfil the mission: to provide a platform for discussion, experience exchange and co-ordination in the field of land- and real estate information; to prepare background materials and reviews of professional and legislative documents from the viewpoint of the Nemoforum members – representatives of public and private institutions as well as academic sphere, or to formulate for the chosen topical problems a special Nemoforum document with a proposal for the solution; to suggest to the member institutions the steps which would support the development and improvement of the co-ordination in the process of solving crucial issues; to contribute to strengthening the feedback on European and global geoinformation initiatives mediated through the member organisations.

Date of last update: 21.09.2018