Information, Requests and other Submissions

How to act in case of request for information in accordance with the Act Nr. 106/1999 Coll.

Note: This is not the way, how to obtain the information from the cadastre of real estate

The request for information can be submitted either orally or in written form or via electronic mail. The answer to written request is sent in written form, the answer to oral request is in simple cases provided orally by the office. In complicated matters can the office ask for written submission of the request or provide written answer even without this written submission in case the applicant either provides the name and delivery address or wants to take the written information personally. The written request must clearly state:
  1. to whom it is addressed. It means post-delivery to the given address or personal delivery to the filling office or to other reception place of the particular office (particular office need not be necessarily stated there),
  2. who is the applicant (name, surname, for legal persons the name, and address).
The written request:
  1. must be understandable,
  2. must clearly describe what information is requested,
  3. cannot be formulated too generally.
The written request for information must be always submitted in the particular filling office of the office.