Workflow in ČÚZK

Following pictures describe workflow between information systems run by the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre.

Pic. 1: Key databases, workflow

There are 2 source information systems – ISKN (Information Systems of the Cadastre of Real Estate) and ISÚI (Information System of Territorial Identification). ISKN data is maintained by cadastral branch offices and represents the source for Cadastral Parcel theme, editors of ISÚI are mainly municipalities and construction offices and this system provides data for Address theme. Both systems share some information (like Buildings) together. Administrative Units are derived as an envelope of parcels. Changes in source databases are used for updating the Basic Register of Territorial Identification, Addresses and Real Estate (RÚIAN) and the Publication Database, which serves as source database for INSPIRE implementation.

Spatial data are stored in the source databases using Oracle Spatial. Database tables containing spatial information are replicated in 2-hour interval into the Publication databases, inside it necessary conversion into the INSPIRE defined data structures is being proceeded on-line and consequently viewing and download services are provided via the map server. Publication database also serves as the source of information for the Viewing Cadastre application.

Pic. 2: Workflow of the INSPIRE Implementation