INSPIRE implementation in ZÚ

Land survey office is compulsory provider of data sets of a broad spectrum of themes. It is responsible for Coordinate Reference Systems (RS), Geographical Grid Systems (GGS), Geographical Names (GN), Transport Networks (TN) and Hydrography (HY) themes from Annex I and it publishes Elevation (EL) and Orthoimagery (OI) themes from Annex II.

Fundamental Base of Geographic Data of the Czech Republic (ZABAGED®) is a resource data set for Transport Networks and Hydrography themes. Database of geographic names of the Czech Republic Geonames, that is suplemented by the information from ZABAGED®, is the basis for data set of Geographical Names theme. Raster representation of Elevation theme was derived from Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic of the 4th generation (DMR 4G). Ortophoto of the Czech Republic is a source for Orthoimagery theme.

Harmonized data set has not been created for Coordinate Reference Systems theme, this theme is a reference one for other INSPIRE themes. Data of all themes are available via viewing service free of charge. Data providing via download service is charged according to the pricelist of Land Survey Office.

Land Survey Office runs on-line discovery service that is free of charge. This service makes continuously available updated metadata files to users. For the fulfilment of INSPIRE requirements on-line transformation service is provided there as well enabling among others transformation of  digital geospatial data between coordinate reference systems S‑JTSK and ETRS89.

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