Charge Calculation for Bulk Data Provision

Charge for bulk data in the exchange format is calculated according to the number of units of measurement of the file of descriptive information (SPI):

Number of units of measurement (UM) SPI = Number of parcels of the cadastre of real estate (KN) + number of parcels in the simplified land inventory (ZE) + number of ownership folios (LV)

Discounts or surcharges:

  1. Charge is increased by the price of the technical data carrier unless it is provided by the applicant.
  2. The charge must exceed CZK 100.
  3. The basic charge is calculated as follows:
Item Number of UM SPI without JPV
(basic charge in CZK)
Fixed Amount
(in CZK)
SPI with JPV
(basic charge in CZK)
Fixed Amount
(in CZK)
a) Not exceeded 10 000 0.80 x number of UM   2.00 x number of UM  
b) Between 10 000 and 150 000 incl. 0.50 x number of UM + 8 000 1.60 x number of UM + 20 000
c) Over 150 000 0.30 x number of UM + 78 000 0.80 x number of UM + 244 000

Explanatory notes:
SPI = File of descriptive information
JPV = another legal relationship
  1. Fixed amount is added to basic charge.
  2. Basic charge under items includes maximum three further data provision or changes in the course of calendar year, in which the first delivery occurs. In the calendar years immediately following after the first delivery the charge is 20 % of the basic charge included particular fixed amount under b ) or c) for maximum 4 data or change records delivery of the same content and data range. Following discounts are applicable: in the first calendar year following immediate after the first delivery the charge is 20 % of the basic charge only in case the delivery was realized in the 1st quarter of the calendar year. Otherwise 15 % is charged in case the first delivery was realized in the 2nd quarter, 10 % is charged in case the first delivery was realized in the 3rd quarter and 5 % in case the first delivery was realized in the 4th quarter of the previous calendar year. For 5th and further updated data provision in the calendar year 5 % form the basic charge is applicable included particular amount under b ) or c).
  3. In case of former request enlargement those additionally provided UM are charged by the basic charge of the particular item.
  4. Charges are decreased by 80 % based on the contract between the CUZK and central authority of the state government in case the data provided from the cadastre are used for another registry according to another legal rules*) and data from this registry serve for follow-up recording into the cadastre.
  5. In case the creation of requested data file needs special conversions and programming the charge is increased by CZK 300 per each albeit incomplete working hour.
  6. If requested only chosen data the charge is stated as a proportional share from basic charges, included particular fixed sums under b) or c), as follows:
  7. - in the amount of 55 % for chosen data on real estate,
    - in the amount of 5 % for chosen data on flats,
    - in the amount of 10 % for chosen data on land valuated parts of parcels,
    - in the amount of 40 % for chosen data on ownership.
    *)F.i. § 7 of the Act Nr.20/1987, Coll., about State preservation, in wording of the Act Nr. 132/2000, Coll.